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Mo-Door Garage Door Opener
Mo-Door Garage Door Opener

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The most universal and independent garage door remotes available

for motorcycles.

Because this product is a standalone unit there is no

hard wiring to the motorcycle. The days of fumbling with bulky

devices that were created for cars are in the past!

Mo-Door is a simple solution to many riders frustrations of carrying

bulky garage door remotes that were designed for cars and trucks.

Having to park your bike, get off it, type your garage code in and get

back on your bike is not fun either. We all know the story and if we

had a $1 for every one that involved someone dropping their bike in

the driveway because they were not able to just pull in, well we

would be millionaires!

Best part about Mo-Door? Because the remotes are standalone

units there is no wiring to your bike and you can move it to any bike

you own in a matter of minutes. Mo-Door's remotes also program

directly to your garage door motor (just like a keypad), meaning you

don't have any hassle with wiring a receiver to it. Re-programming is

a snap as well, so if you ever move you can take it with you!

The universal Mo-Door remotes work with 99% of all garage doors

that were manufactured after 1995. If you have a newer opener that

has a learn/program button our remotes will work with your door!

Every Mo-Door comes with programming instructions that will walk

you through the simple process of pairing your remote with your

garage door.

Fully independent systems that operate on a replaceable 4 year

battery! These remotes DO NOT require a separate box to be

wired to your existing garage door motor, instead they program

directly to it.

Mo-Door remotes are compatible with the following garage door manufactures:




Overhead Door®




Master Mechanics®


True Value®



Before ordering please take a look at your garage door opener motor and locate

the learn/program button on it.

By comparing its color to the list below you will ensure compatibility with Mo-Door's remotes.

So....... now that you have confirmed that a Mo-Door will work for your garage door opener, all you need to do is select the switch that works best for your application!!!

Because Mo-Door's tranmitters are universal, all you have to do is pick the cord length and switch that you want to use to use to activate your Mo-Door. We offer several different switches for pretty much every application that you can think of. Get creative or simply install something that no one even knows is there! All of the Mo-Door switches include the transmitter box.

One other thing that`s pretty cool about Mo-Door is that one control box can operate up to two different doors and gates! Meaning that you can have one button for work and one for your home. This is a really cool feature for people that have multiple access points during their ride.

Our Simple Push Button (#2301) is just that, SIMPLE! PVC constructed push button that is small enough to be mounted on a fuse box or battery tie down. Basically anywhere you can drill a 1/4" hole you can mount these little guys. Don't be fooled by their simplicity compared to the rest of our buttons, sometimes less is more!

"SPBs" are a great answer to opening and closing your garage door from your motorcycle without spending a lot of $$$. The simplicity of them really allows you to get as custom as you want with installation. It doesn't get much simpler than this!

Out of sight, out of mind! If you are looking for something low profile this is your switch. Our Micro Waterproof Switch is about the size of a quarter and when installed looks great anywhere!

You don`t get much feedback from this little guy when pressed (other than your garage door going up/down) but that`s the beauty of it. Less is more with the Micro meaning it can literally go ANYWHERE on your motorcycle and still look great! Each unit includes 3Ms VHB double sided tape and Industrial Velcro for mounting.

The Industrial Waterproof Switch can literally blow things up! This is a military grade switch that is actually used on TANKS! About the size of your thumb this is a great switch for hidden activation especially with gloves on.

When pressed the Industrial Switch responds with a distinct "click" for feedback. This is the most robust switch that we offer so most riders will put this in a spot that is less noticeable but you can get as creative as you want! Each unit includes 3Ms VHB double sided tape and Industrial Velcro for mounting. We always tell folks that a great place for this switch is on the bottom side of a frame rail, right below your seat.

For the rider that that wants a clean OEM look, this is where you stop! These are the same switches used on many of Harley Davidson motorcycles as odometer cycle buttons. When installed in the right spot no one will ever know that this one controls your garage door! Requires a 3/8" hole for mounting.

We have found that 6" of wire is best for bezel mounting and that 12" is best for front fairing mounts.

Mo-Door's new Dual-Tac switch should look familiar to gun enthusiasts. That's because this switch is similar to the tactical switches used on several scopes, laser and night vision setups. The coolest part about these units is that they allow the user to open two garage doors or one garage door and one gate from the same low profile switch!

Mo-Door is the only company in the world to offer you the ability to open and close both your gate AND garage door from a single switch that's designed specifically for your motorcycle. Think about the hassles you deal with every time you leave your house and juggling multiple remotes, now you can kiss those days goodbye!

Soooooo.... you've checked the compatibility chart and your garage door opener will work with the Mo-Door. You've decided on the switch/controller combo... now all you have to do is select the one you want from the drop down list above and Add to Cart.

But wait.... there's more!!!

Do you park your car outside? Mo-Door remotes act just as well in cars and adds another level of security to your home! Typical thieves will canvas for cars that have their remotes handing from their sun visors and choose those ones. But with the Mo-door you can hide them anywhere and save yourself the break-in.

But wait.... there's even MORE!!!

So..... now go and make your life easier!!

Ride safe!

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4 of 5 MO Door SPB... Simple push button September 29, 2019
Reviewer: Garrett from Prince Albert, Sask. Canada  
I just mounted the opener with the simple push button. It was my experience that you should upgrade to the better style button. This button is very flimsy. The back broke off when I was trying to tighten it up. It will probably come loose so I used red thread locker to prevent it from coming off. I used my opener on a KLR so there's going to be vibration. Spend the extra few bucks and get the better switch. Trust me I think you'll be happier. The opener itself works flawlessly. Programming was very easy. Just follow the instructions. Make sure you have a learn button on your door opener. I have two doors, one didn't have the learn button so I can't use it on that door. Oh well... I love the product, works every time. Only thing I would do differently is upgrade to the different switch.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Stealth garage opener August 25, 2019
Reviewer: Bruce from Edmonton  
Mounted the main box (which is quite small) under some plastic trim. Put the “Micro” button on left fairing just under my handlebar. No need to stop on the way up the driveway.
Programming was easy and worked first time.

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